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After one year of posting a daily picture, I posted pictures less frequently - whenever I had something worth sharing.

After two years of more casual posting, I decided to once again post a daily (or almost daily) picture in 2014.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Race Entertainment"

In addition to being a record collector, I also collect old record catalogs.  Today I found a 1943 Victor/Bluebird catalog in an antique store, and was surprised to find this ridiculously offensive image at the beginning of the section devoted to "race records" - records recorded for and marketed to African-Americans.

For many years the record business had no idea how to market its product to black record buyers; "race music" advertisements from the 1920s and early 30s were rife with insulting caricatures like this.  But this catalog is from 1943.  At a time when black Americans were fighting and dying in World War II, how in the world could RCA Victor think that African-Americans would see this image and feel good about buying Victor records?

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