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After one year of posting a daily picture, I posted pictures less frequently - whenever I had something worth sharing.

After two years of more casual posting, I decided to once again post a daily (or almost daily) picture in 2014.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Graffiti Artists

I live in the city, and there is lots of graffiti - from beautiful artwork to gang tags. I've celebrated it in this blog at times. I have mixed feelings about it, though - my reaction depends a lot on where the graffiti is and what it is. I certainly don't approve of painting on private property without the permission of the property owners.

Today I came across a group of young men painting a wall (which seemed to be quasi-public property) on LaFrance Street. It was broad daylight, and they were not making any attempt at stealth. They only agreed to let me take pictures if I didn't show any faces.


  1. From what I've heard, these artists are part of something called Living Walls. I believe it is to celebrate street artists and that they have permission to paint on that wall. Can't imagine they would be out there in broad daylight with scaffolding if it wasn't legit. :-)

  2. That makes sense, although I'm not sure why they were so camera-shy.

  3. That is strange....maybe they just wanted to be anonymous? From reading our neighborhood message board, it seems that people called the police on them all day because no one knew what the project was. Your pic from Jan. 19th was part of the Living Walls 2010 project.